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Disclaimer: The following are personal experiences of product users. Any statement about their health improvement should not be interpreted as Usana’s ability to treat, cure or mitigate any disease. Usana products are not drugs/medicines. Please also remember that one cannot be truly healthy just by taking quality nutritional supplements alone. You also need good diet, exercise, quality sleep, mental wellness, and toxin control in your environment.

My son and I commenced taking two of USANA's nutritional supplements in December 2019. After a chat with Clarissa at Clardoon Health regarding our health and fitness levels, we felt there was always room for improvement.

She pointed us towards the USANA products thought most suitable to try. We found that both her personalised and in-depth knowledge of the products are far superior to any advice given online, or in the shops with health products.

Since then, regularly, she has contacted us to see how we are getting on, problems, etc. and is very supportive and easy to talk to.

Both of us already feel improvements in both our health and general well-being and see these products as a good insurance for the future.

This is what my son calls the "USANA EXPERIENCE".
Elizabeth Morris
United Kingdom
I was suffering from reflux and can hardly keep food down. I started on milkshakes from other companies but they were not tasty or else I get hungry after less than 2 hours.

Clardoon Health introduced me to Nutrimeal chocolate milkshake. It's amazing! Tastes delicious, and I have it for breakfast and I do not feel hungry till lunch time. I tried the vanilla, too but prefer it blended with fruits. I also added Fibergy into my milkshake to improve my toilet habits.

My boyfriend had been taking CellSentials for over a year and he finds that when he has a cold, he recovers faster compared to the days before the health supplements.
Kelly Low
United Kingdom
USANA skin care products are the best! I have been using them since 2011 and will continue to use them for many more years. I started with the Sensè range and then with the Celavive range since its launch in February 2018.

I have sensitive skin and I value my health so I’m very picky about what goes on and into it. I want the products I use to be as close to natural as possible. USANA skin care products are of the highest quality. They are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals/preservatives. Whenever I use them, I am confident that I am not putting my health at risk. They are also high performing because Celavive products are fuelled by USANA InCelligence complex, a combination of powerful peptides, botanicals, and key nutrients that talk to your skin’s cells to target your skin care needs. They keep my skin looking fresh, young and radiant! I am turning 49 this year but most people think I’m in my early 30s.

I used to have deep lines between my eyebrows, but they have drastically reduced and barely noticeable now. My skin which used to be so dry now feel hydrated and soft, and has a certain glow (literally!). And because it’s no longer dehydrated, I don’t have to worry too much about wrinkles and fine lines. And I love that they all smell so light and refreshing! The main thing I noticed since I started using Celavive products is that my face feels so soft and silky when I wake up in the morning, as if I’ve just finished my skin care routine. I actually feel tempted not to wash it.

I’ve never felt this with any of the other skin care products I used before. Overall, I am very happy with the Celavive products and the brighter, healthier looking skin they have given me.
Amelee Say
Before I discovered Usana Celavive, I had problems with my ageing skin, as it always felt dry and tired. I have tried so many products from commercialised ones, herbal, k beauty, and even the most expensive ones but none of them worked for me.

What's different about Usana Celavive is that I saw the effect already with just one application. When I tried the night cream / serum my face was still hydrated and moisturised in the morning. Immediately I can see the glow and freshness on my skin even without applying any foundation or highlighter.

Ageing is not scary anymore as long as I have my Celavive beauty products, life is beautiful.
Shiela Reyes
United Kingdom
As a mother, I’ve always wanted my children to be happy and healthy. I try my best to provide them a balanced diet with the right nutrition. But we all know how challenging it is to feed small children, especially vegetables! They get too picky sometimes, or only want to eat Mac & Cheese all day long. It was tiring and frustrating when I prepare healthy snacks and meals, but they end up eating only a few bites. Worse is when they have no appetite when they get sick, since they interact mostly with other children at preschool.

A USANA user myself, I couldn’t wait until my children were old enough to take USANA products as well. For many years, I and my husband have been amazed by the results of taking the Cellsentials, Proflavanol C and Biomega. So as soon as our children turned 2 years old, I started giving them multivitamins Usanimals, and fish oil Biomega Jr when they turned 4 years old.

I have instantly noticed that they don’t get sick as much as before, and even when they do, they get better much quicker than before too. Their memory is also exceptional! No wonder their performance at school is outstanding, with high honor awards even. I believe that being healthy overall has helped them achieve that. Thank you USANA for helping us raise our children to be the best that they can be!
Fiorella Ouradnik
I used to have major problem with digestion before taking USANA products even though I was taking lots of fluids and trying to add more fiber in my diet. Infrequent and difficulty in passing stool was really hard as I always felt uncomfortable. I used to have cramping abdominal pain and I always felt bloated. I was also afraid to have hernia and other complications later on, if this problem persisted.

When USANA was introduced to me, I learnt Usana has lots of products that will help in my digestion issues like Nutrimeal, Fibergy and Usana Probiotics. I discovered that USANA products are science-based. With the Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements, I realised that not all supplements are created equal and that we have to be very careful on choosing the supplements that we are putting inside our bodies as poor quality ones could pose a lot of risks.

During the first three days of taking it, I was passing stool everyday. After few more days, my bowel movement has improved and I never felt any abdominal pain and bloating since then.

My family’s health and mine have improved a lot since we used the products. My digestive system became better, my energy has improved and my family’s quality of life is so much better now after the products have addressed some of our health issues. That is why I will be forever grateful to USANA! No words can express how much I am really thankful with these amazing products!!!
Sheryl Castaneda

Athletes trust Usana. Watch some of their testimonials here!

AFC Bournemouth

“We have been working with USANA for a number of years now and it has become a trusted partner and a key part of what we do.”

“In order to compete at the highest levels, elite athletes need to have the best nutritional supplements available to them, and that is why we use USANA – because we know our players are receiving high-quality products that will be an asset to their health and performance.”

Jason Tindall, AFC Bournemouth Manager

Allison Pineau

French handballer, won gold medal at the 2017 World Championship, 2018 European Championship and 2020 Olympic Games.

Alex Kopacz

Canadian bobsledder and the reigning Olympic co-champion in the two-man bobsleigh event.

Robert Killian

Two-Time Spartan World Champion

Sam Effah

Sprinter, named “The Fastest Man In Canadian University History”

Sara McMann

American mixed martial artist, a former Olympic wrestler and received a silver medal, and 2-time Bronze Medalist.

Yura Min

Olympic Figure Skater from Korea

Taylor Fletcher

American Nordic combined skier who has competed since 2006 and ski jumper since 2010 in the Olympics

Chris Mazder

American luger who won the Olympic silver medal

Brittany Bowe

American speed skater who won the Olympic Bronze medal

Alex Ferreira

American halfpipe skier who won the Olympic silver medal

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