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USANA® Probiotic

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Probiotic food supplement for digestive and immune health

14 Packets/Box

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The USANA Difference

Bring some balance to your belly with USANA® Probiotic—a carefully selected blend of probiotic bacteria that can survive the harsh environment of your stomach to support healthy digestion and immune function. And in a convenient stick pack, you can easily add it to your favorite USANA MySmart™ Shake or take it on the go.

Health Benefits
• Supports healthy digestion
• Contains 12 billion colony-forming bacteria per serving
• Incorporates live and active cultures

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1 review for USANA® Probiotic

    K Doonan
    March 2, 2023
    I take this every other day with my protein shake. I know how important it is to get probiotics, as they're essential for good digestion and immune health. Usana Probiotic is very convenient, as it's in a small sachet that does not need refrigeration. I can take it with me wherever I go, and it does not have the additional calories that come with most probiotics. At times, I even take it purely on its own and it tastes good as it is :-)
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