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USANA® Whitening Toothpaste

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Whitening, fluoride-free toothpaste polishes and brightens your teeth for a healthy-looking smile

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The USANA Difference
Our innovative, fluoride-free whitening toothpaste is scientifically proven to give you a whiter smile. Featuring ADP-1, a postbiotic that attracts impurities in your mouth, for a clean, polished, brighter smile with fewer surface stains.

Health Benefits

  • Features ADP-1, a postbiotic that attracts impurities for a deeper clean
  • Scientifically proven to whiten teeth
  • Formulated with coconut oil, aloe vera, and vitamin E oil
  • Fluoride free
  • Contains menthol for fresh breath
  • Contains naturally derived ingredients
  • No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavours

Directions: Brush thoroughly after meals or at least twice daily. Spit and rinse thoroughly after brushing.

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